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Even though the specific date might not ring a bell, it signifies the birth of a new era: the age of Kevin Flynn. Yes, 6/3/81 is when he first opened his arcade... and for that, we send him a hearty "thank you" (wherever he may be, in this world or elsewhere).

That's a picture I took of the place just before I went away to college. Sounds crazy, but I was going to miss the arcade more than some of my friends and family. "Vice Squad" was my game of choice - and I challenged anybody and everybody to beat my high score (I also took a picture of that - check it out!).


Even though I don't usually read financial news, this picture caught my eye - it's the one that ran in my local paper on the day that Kevin Flynn took over EnCom. It was the start of an awesome few years - when genius ruled and great advances occurred. Too bad it was so short lived. When Flynn went missing six years later, we all mourned while hoping—no, PRAYING—that he was still OK.


Just as we were ushering in a new decade, Flynn fans said goodbye to his shrine, his palace, his second home: the arcade where it all began. This would be the day the majestic gaming house would close its doors forever, but at least it went out with a bang. Hundreds of Tron-heads lined up around the block for a chance to participate in the biggest tournament ever... playing on the original machine that started a nationwide craze!


These are just a few of the many testimonials from Flynn enthusiasts from around the world...

Man, I miss those games. I mean, I've got some of them on my PC at home, but it's just not the same as that feeling you get when you wail on a stand-up arcade system at the mall on a Friday night, y'know?


I actually met Mr. Flynn once at a conference in Manitoba. I asked for his autograph and any words of advice he might have for a struggling young programmer. He said, "Just keep at it, kid." I think he winked at me when he handed me his signature - so exciting!


I was there the night Flynn got the world record high score on Space Paranoids. The place went nuts. It was epic.


The world lost a great man in 1989. It makes me sick to think that someone would want to hurt him - that they could take him away from us. We deserve more! After all, we participated in the revolution, like soldiers on a glorious, neon battlefield. If you're responsible for Flynn's disappearance or - God forbid - his death, then you'll have to answer to us!


My grandmother worked late nights, so this place was like a second home to me. Even after I ran out of quarters I would just hang out for hours and watch other kids play. I'll never forget that place and how Kevin used to hang out in his office upstairs all night.


So long as his games exist, Kevin Flynn lives on. He's in every pixel, every sound effect, every triumphant play. Kevin Flynn IS Tron.